The Chick Who Laid the Golden Egg—Amex and Twitter Make Beautiful Money Together

golden eggsThere was a boy named “Jack” . . . you know how the story goes—he sows the seeds, grows the bean stock, climbs it, grabs the gold-producing goose, and the rest is a movie coming near you. We could call Jack an opportunist i.e. somebody who takes advantage of something, an entrepreneur, a trailblazer if you will.

Well, there’s a “golden egg snatching” opportunist in real life—American Express. amextwitter2Although Amex has partnered with Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare already, starting just last Monday, this is the first time the company has used the partnership in social network purchasing, in particular Twitter using #hashtags. Jennifer Booten of Fox Business states, “It marks the first widespread monetization of the microblogging site since its inception.” This makes e-commerce as easy as 1-2-3. Literally, it only takes about that many steps to use Twitter to buy a wide range of products with Amex as the buying tool and even have it sent to your door.

amextwitter1“We wanted to bring [purchasing] to Twitter first,” according to Brad Minor of American Express. “This is the most dramatic manifestation of what our tech can do because it’s all happening in 140 characters or less and showcased in a hashtag. That said, it would be possible to transfer the underlying capability to other platforms.” You can check out American Express on YouTube to see how it all works at It couldn’t be easier. Congratulations to American Express for jumping on the bandwagon and making it look easy.

So, what can we learn from this major move—a “Jack” = American Express, moving into “giant” territory = social media, and taking the goose that continues to produce those “golden eggs” = making money.  I think it’s simple:  use social media to your advantage in any way possible to increase revenue. Be creative, go forth and claim your “goose”.

What ways do you use social media to increase revenue for your company? We would love to hear from you! Kroma Marketing.


Advertisements the business activity of presenting products or services in such a way as to make them desirable. (Encarta Dictionary)

The word “marketing” is an enormous concept. It’s comprehensive, all encompassing, extensive and expansive. How do we wrap our minds around the possibilities of marketing?   Grasping the options is almost mind numbing, especially with the pressure of making business happen on a daily basis.

To make the field a little narrower, there are companies “doing” marketing in a way that is innovative and fresh and may just inspire the rest of us.

Peter Shankman, a Morton’s Steak House fan, was flying into Newark, thinking about his favorite steak, and decided to tweet . . .

Guess who was listening. Morton’s Steak House. Waiting for Peter in the baggage area was a man in a tuxedo, a 24 oz. Porterhouse steak, and an order of Colossal Shrimp, a side of potatoes, bread, napkins, and silverware.

Is Peter a fan for life? More than likely. Even greater, Peter is now a marketer for Morton’s, a believer and evangelist for life. His story has spread galaxies further than his recommendation to eat at Morton’s Steak could ever reach through Yelp. You better believe this advertising will be building the Morton’s brand for many years.

Or take Instagram, the free photo-sharing app that has taken social media by storm in the last two years, now seven million users strong and growing, of whom 63% actively share 1.3 million pictures every day.

Bmibaby, a British low-cost airline recently launched their own Instagram feed and a promotion and competition, offering free flights to anyone who could best portray the beauty and culture of the 39 destinations where they fly. Just for their Italian destination alone, they received over 1,600 entries. Since there were so many who responded they decided to create a travel guide using all the pictures that were submitted.

Could the people at Morton’s or bmibaby have foreseen something like this happening? Maybe. But probably the greatest thing they did was pay attention to the activity that was created and then these companies jumped on the opportunities presented.

In business, we have to jump on board the opportunities to market our company that are right smack in front of our face every day. Whether that’s through the response from our social media like Facebook posts, Twitter feed, or Pinterest pins or through our website blog, pay attention to what works and what isn’t with your customer or client and then jump on it!

If you have questions about how marketing can work better for your company or you just need to get the ball rolling, holler at us. At Kroma Marketing, we’ll help you take the next step around the corner where opportunities await!

Tweets, Posts, Blogs … and Our Election!

I know we are taught to never mix politics and business, but the impact of social media on this election is worth taking a look at.

“More tweets were sent during the first two days Republicans gathered in Tampa this week than in the entire 2008 election campaign,” according to Yes, social media is abuzz these days in southern Florida. If it’s good enough for the GOP, and the Dems next week in Atlanta, it’s definitely a medium good enough for the rest of us.

Katie Harbath, Facebook’s chief liaison with political campaigns, says “Romney’s digital team deserves credit for its high level of engagement with its core audience. You’ve got to have good content that’s compelling,” she said. “The Romney campaign does a great job with this.”

Google spokeswoman, Samantha Smith, says the goal for Republican and Democratic conventions is for online connection between candidates and voters. “Even when they’re watching the conventions [on TV], voters are usually doing so with their mobile device in their hand or their laptop within reach,” she said.

However, connection is one thing but what really matters is engagement. “It really doesn’t matter how many people you have following you,” said Zac Moffatt, digital director of the Romney campaign. “It’s how many people you engage.” A candidate can boast about their “likes” or followers but are they “buying in” to the candidate?

According to, “Moffatt dismisses such numbers as ‘vanity metrics’ and says his campaign has been more effective at using social media to shape the campaign debate. As evidence, he points to the ongoing effort to embarrass President Obama after his ‘you didn’t build this’ comment about American business. The story generated little buzz in the mainstream media, Moffatt said, but Romney supporters ‘kept a narrative going that wouldn’t have happened without social media.’”

So how does this translate to doing business? When companies engage social media for their day to day business the hub bub usually surrounds the numbers. Social media specialists are now saying the numbers really don’t matter unless the people are paying attention to your product or service. It’s the quantity versus quality issue.

Kipp Bodnar, an inbound marketing strategist at HubSpot and the author, along with Jeffrey Cohen, of The B2B Social Media Book, says the companies need to ask some very key questions:
“Am I creating content at a consistent frequency that works for my business and is the content that I’m publishing…interesting to my audience? Are people actually finding it? Are people actually reading it?” Kipp says we should be focusing on “educating, entertaining, and informing my target audience, and in doing so I’m going to be able to convert a portion of those people into customers.”
The official GOP hashtag is #GOP2012; the Democratic hashtag is #DNC2012.

So what do you think about this all? How much will social media play a role in this election compared to those in the past?

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Have you been one of the lucky accounts to see the new version of twitter? Some are resisting the change and others are embracing it. Love it or hate it, there are some pretty cool new key changes to speak of. The main three are the introduction of brand pages, new layout, and the neatest one yet, embedded tweets.

Twitter has jumped on the bandwagon by offering up brand pages, following in Facebook and Google+’s footsteps. The most distinctive impact of offering brand pages is the banner that stretches across the top of the brand’s profile (which is similar to Facebook and Google+). Another new feature for brands is the ability to pin a tweet to the top of the page.  This will be particularly effective for tweets with pictures or videos, which will add another engaging element to the page.

The new layout/design of twitter is also a great upgrade from the older twitter. The usability of the new unified design is not the only cool thing about it. The discovery button allows easier browsing of trending topics and why they are trending. The iPhone and Android have both jumped onboard and developed new apps to keep up.

Finally, an embedded tweet is an interactive update by Twitter. You no longer have to screenshot tweets; the new Twitter allows you to embed tweets nearly anywhere.  With embedded tweets, you can actually reply, retweet, favorite a tweet, and follow right from the site the user is at.

Ultimately, the new Twitter is a lot easier to use. What are your thoughts on the upgrade?

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