Just a Good Ol’ Fashioned Sensible Lesson in Social Media


Sometimes we just need to go back to the basics, where it all started. Getting all caught up in the hype of the “thing” can be overwhelming at times. Social media has become a monster and is gobbling up as much attention as it can. Maybe you feel as though it’s too much to deal with. Look no further. Let’s take it a step at a time; in fact, we even have a giant picture (infograph) at the end that will explain it all.

The top social media that will make your business more accessible, in touch with your market and marketable are (whether you do it or hire someone else to do it):

wordpressBlogs—tell your story and connect with your market at least once a week then connect that blog to your social media. Use blogging to make a personal touch with people and let them see the “everyday” in what you do.

FBFacebook—you should be on Facebook every day in some way, posting interesting articles related to your business, posting interesting pictures that connect with your market, and engaging while asking people to comment, like or share your posts.

TwitTwitter—Tweets are fleeting and quick so there should be more of them, at least three a day—make them varied between business, fun and promotional, always using hashtags to keep your posts trending.

LInLinkedIn—Keep it professional, only posting business related articles and blogs. When you are connected to groups that relate to your business, don’t forget to post to those groups and become more interactive with them.

G+Google+–This combines LinkedIn and Facebook where you can gather people together to hang out but with a purpose toward your business or industry. The key is get connected and get more people in your circles.

PinPinterest—Show off what you do visually—pictures will grab people before words ever do.

YTubeYouTube—Video is fast becoming a real powerhouse–it can be anything that represents your business or even interviews of significance to your industry. It’s ok to throw in some fun as well. This keeps it personable to your audience.

If you’re just starting out, take a few of these social connectors and start connecting or, in hiring someone else to do it, make sure you are well represented across the board. The infograph below will help you with a schedule of sorts to know how often to post as well as some other great information to keep your social media posting organized and effective.

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Tantalizingly Tweetable Titles

Have you ever spent hours writing a seriously awesome blog post, shared it on all of your social networks, only to have a couple people actually click on it? I mean, how frustrating! Well, as it turns out, it might be the title of your post that is perhaps, not so great. We are experimenting with the idea of “Tweetable Titles.” It is basically exactly what it says, to have tweetable titles. The idea is to make blog titles something that readers would want to click on, and want to share with their followers, too.  While keywords are important, they are not always going to be catchy, and retweetable. Here are a few things to think about, when writing a “tweetable title.”

Ask yourself if you would click the link. Would the title of your blog compel you to click? Or even retweet? Sometimes, you have to write your blog titles more creatively rather than strategically to get the amount of traction you would like.

Will the title fit in a tweet? Remember that tweets can only be 140 characters. Subtract the characters of the actual bit.ly link, and the characters in your own twitter handle (in a retweet your twitter name will be present), and you are left with about 100 characters in which your blog post should fit. That can fill up very quickly!

Does it relate? Often times, when you tell people to get creative, they get so off-the-wall that the title doesn’t even relate to the post. A blog post about how to properly clean hardwoods should not have the title of “Get Rich Quick!!” Sure, you might get people to click the link, but then you have angry readers when they find out what it is really about.

What have you found that has worked when naming a blog post? Comment below.

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Ways to Thank for a Twitter RT or Mention

It is very important to acknowledge a user that shares your content with their followers. They found what you posted important/relevant enough to put their stamp of approval on it by retweeting it to others. Below are some simple etiquette tips on how to recognize another user for sharing your content!

1. Follow Them

If you are not already following the user, give em’ a follow. If it appears to be a spam account, this is probably not your best option, but after reviewing their profile and they seem like a good follow, then do so.

2. Return the Favor

Go to the user’s profile and find relevant content for you to retweet yourself.

3. Mention the User

Ignite a discussion by responding to the post. “Some surprising facts there.” “Which side of that argument do you relate to?” These are just a few examples.

4. Direct Message

For a more personal discussion, send in a direct message so only you and that user can see it. This is less monotonous than a simple @reply thanks.

5. Group Mention

If you had many people retweet the same content, send out a group mention of all and thank them for sharing it with their followers.

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Who to Follow for Superbowl 2012 Updates

As we gear up for the match-up between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants, Twitterverse will be full of heated discussion, debates, and coverage information on the event. Here is a list of who to follow:

The official account for the Indy Superbowl 2012 is a must follow for anyone going to the game or watching the game from home.

Alex Marvez, senior NFL writer for FOX Sports, will be the pool reporter for the Patriots this year.

Peter King is Sports Illustrated’s senior NFL writer and is great about answering fan questions. He will also be the pool reporter for the Giants this year.

The official Twitter of the New England Patriots will be the home team on Superbowl Sunday 2012.

Here is the official Twitter of the New York Giants; they will be the visiting team in Superbowl 2012.

For more coverage on the Patriots, follow Shalise Manza Young.

Follow Ralph Vacchiano for all of the NY Giants coverage.

Who else do you follow for Superbowl 2012 coverage?

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Battle of the Spammers

A recent place to contract a virus is not at the doctor’s office or airplane…but now social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We know what your thinking…”you can’t catch the flu from a social network…” True. But your computer can. Now, more than ever, spammers are targeting Facebook and Twitter to spread some nasty computer viruses that spread like wildfire.

The most recent outbreak has been in correlation with the new Facebook timelines. Links will be seemingly posted by your Facebook friends telling you to click the link to go back to the old Facebook, then instead giving your computer a nasty virus.

Another common spam attack is called “like-jacking,” which will appear to be a link or image that another friend or user has liked in an attempt to get people to click on it. Once clicked, the user’s computer will be infected.

As the amount of spam in Facebook and Twitter increase everyday, it is important to be careful what links are clicked. Links promising user rewards are often (not always) spam, so be weary what you do and do not fall for.

Now that we’ve completely scared you…happy Facebooking!! 🙂

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Top Stories from 2011 First Seen on #Twitter

Amanda Knox Trial: Positive attitudes over the trial were made public via Twitter almost immediately after the jury had announced their decision. For the millions following this trial, Twitter served as a news outlet and a place to express personal opinions on the case.  All that tuned in to watch surely had an opinion to share on the case.

The death of Steve Jobs spread like wildfire through Twitter, with users calling themselves iSad. The world lost an innovator that day, and the Twitter world showed their support in the best way they knew how.

Osama Bin Laden’s death sparked over 5,000 tweets per second as soon as the news was broken. The news of his death took precedence over all other Twitter happenings and was a place for people to share their relief and happiness.

The Casey Anthony trial was another trial that ignited much controversy. Of course, that translated over to Twitter. People were outraged with the verdict and trending topics arose about Casey and Caylee Anthony.

There seems to be a trend with court cases going global on Twitter; the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray and his conviction became widely publicized. Only moments after the verdict was read, the Twitter world blew up with the news coverage and reactions.

You could practically get a play by play of the Royal Wedding in the Twitterverse as it was happening.  You knew what all the fashions were, who was in attendance, and every move made by Kate before ever laying eyes on the coverage. In fact, some people may not have even known there was a royal wedding, had it not been for Twitter. 🙂

The Tornados in the South and Joplin got a lot of attention and warm thoughts from the world of Twitter. People sending prayers and good thoughts through the Twitterverse brought people together in support of those in the middle of the devastation.

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Have you been one of the lucky accounts to see the new version of twitter? Some are resisting the change and others are embracing it. Love it or hate it, there are some pretty cool new key changes to speak of. The main three are the introduction of brand pages, new layout, and the neatest one yet, embedded tweets.

Twitter has jumped on the bandwagon by offering up brand pages, following in Facebook and Google+’s footsteps. The most distinctive impact of offering brand pages is the banner that stretches across the top of the brand’s profile (which is similar to Facebook and Google+). Another new feature for brands is the ability to pin a tweet to the top of the page.  This will be particularly effective for tweets with pictures or videos, which will add another engaging element to the page.

The new layout/design of twitter is also a great upgrade from the older twitter. The usability of the new unified design is not the only cool thing about it. The discovery button allows easier browsing of trending topics and why they are trending. The iPhone and Android have both jumped onboard and developed new apps to keep up.

Finally, an embedded tweet is an interactive update by Twitter. You no longer have to screenshot tweets; the new Twitter allows you to embed tweets nearly anywhere.  With embedded tweets, you can actually reply, retweet, favorite a tweet, and follow right from the site the user is at.

Ultimately, the new Twitter is a lot easier to use. What are your thoughts on the upgrade?

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For content purposes, it is said that twitter is better than Facebook, if you want people to click your links. The reason is that people follow certain people on twitter specifically for the content they put out there. While lack of content and information is certainly not an issue when perusing the internet, there is something to say for tiny snippets of your daily news in 140 characters or less. Which sites do you visit specifically for content, or which twitter accounts do you follow?

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