The 90%

How important is knowing a percentage? Very important. For instance, when you ask your teenager how much milk is left in the jug that they just guzzled, “some” doesn’t really tell you if you need to go out and buy another one. Or if you’re looking forward to that last piece of pie in the fridge after work that you hid behind the giant jar of pickles, knowing there is only 1/8 left is extremely important! What about that water usage this last summer?! The percentages there speak for themselves.

So when it comes to business, percentages speak loud and clear here as well, if we pay attention, that is. A survey was done of 600 small business across the US to find out how they view social networking. 90% said they are actively engaged. 90%! It’s obviously important and relevant to the world in which we do business AND it’s where business is being done. Of those businesses, 74% said that social networking was as valuable and probably more valuable than networking in person. Moreover, when 42% say that 25% of their NEW customers say they found their business through social media such as Facebook, social networking is not only necessary, it’s actually vital to the small business!

This infographic shows just how social networking stacks up in small business. Contact us HERE at Kroma and we can help you join “The 90%” and make social networking work for you and your business.Image


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