Why Your Business Should Take Interest in Pinterest

So have you ever wondered if Pinterest is the social site to help your business grow?

Well, the answer is YES! Pinterest is one of the hottest social media sites at the moment. A recent study has shown how Pinterest has been bringing in more traffic to websites than LinkedIn, Goggle+, and YouTube combined.

Brands are benefiting with Pinterest in generating traffic and sales.

So if you would like to attract a lot of traffic to your website using Pinterest, take a look at these 5 tips:

1) Use Original Pictures to Drive Traffic

Pinterest allows users to “like”, “comment”, and “repin” images that they like/love. Why not have them like and repin an original image of yours? Pinterest has found that business will gain the largest amount of traffic through original pins. You can attach a URL to an original picture so that users can find the source of the picture. Let’s say that a user sees a beautiful picture of a sofa. They can then click on the original image and it will take them to the site of the furniture deal. Pretty cool, eh?

2) Pin Other People’s Content

Pinterest isn’t all about pinning your own pictures onto your boards. Just like on any other social medium, you need to share other people’s content, too. So look for others’ pictures and content relating to your product or service and pin them onto your boards. Make sure you stick to a specific topic on each pinboard. A pinboard is a set of pins. You can create different pinboards on different topics. You can add an unlimited number of pins to a pinboard. By pinning other people’s content you will build a wider reach.

3) Create Boards to Bring in sales

Pinterest allows you to organize your shared photos into boards. A fantastic way to display your products on Pinterest is to create catalogs or portfolios. This will allow you to group your products in similar groups. For example, let’s say you are a clothing company. You can group your fall shirts onto a board, your selection of jeans, and your accessories onto different boards. This will allow consumers to see similar products if your images spark their interest. You can also add a price to these pictures. When you want the price to be displayed on the pinboard, all you have to do is add the $ sign followed by the price to the description and the price will be displayed. This will let consumers see the image as a gateway to your online store.

4) Get Your Fans Involved

There are three key ways to get your fans involved on Pinterest:

  • Let Them Spread The Word– you can allow your fans to contribute to your pinboards. This will allow them to feel a part of your creative boards and give them a say in what you have on your boards. Take advantage of this feature. Select some of your favorite or most active fans and ask them to pin pictures onto your pinboards. You could even run a competition where the prize is to be a regular contributor to the pinboard.
  • Pin OffersCreate a unique image about your latest offer and pin it onto one of your pinboards on Pinterest. Create an exclusive pinboard to pin the latest offers for Pinterest users only. These offers could be exclusively uploaded to your Pinterest pinboards or they could be pinned from a website page. When you pin free offers, your fans will definitely repin them and share them with their friends. Everybody loves offers. Make sure you don’t put a limit if you want many repins.
  • Host Competitions– you can create picture competitions on Pinterest. Let your fans know what the prize is and ask them to take a picture and share it to win the competition. Ask your fans to pin that picture onto their pinboards. They can then either send you the link to their picture or you could ask them to use a unique hashtag to enter the competition. Then you’ll have to search the hashtag on Pinterest and come up with a means of deciding the best picture.

I hope that these few tips will point your business in the right direction. What has your business been doing on Pinterest? What has worked and not worked?

Cole Spriggs – Director of Marketing with Kroma Marketing

(If I can help point you in the right marketing direction please let me know by contacting me HERE)


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