Do you know how to engage your Facebook Audience?

Is your business struggling to gain authentic engagement through your social networks? Businesses flood their audience with promotions and “deals” until they have learned to ignore you like the commercials that interrupt their favorite television shows.

The bottom line is people want to engage and benefit from an online relationship with you. If you think that people will read your post because they are your Facebook friend, you are sorely mistaken. Engagement on Facebook comes in three forms: Likes, Shares, and comments. Here are five ways to build that engagement for your brand.

1) Photos – We have all heard a picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture on Facebook could be worth a thousand likes! Think of it this way: when you are scrolling your news feed, isn’t it usually the large, colorful, images that get you to stop?

2) Fill In the Blanks – If you are looking for a simple and quick way to spark engagement try letting them finish your sentence. For example, “social media has helped my business to ________”. These posts will garner fun and short comments which provide an outlet for your audience to react and interact.

3) Questions – Much like a fill in the blank, questions also promote engagement and allow your audience to have a voice. Maybe the title of this blog got you to read this far? Questions challenge us and naturally call your audience into action to answer the big question mark. It is a subtle call to action, or better yet, a call to have an opinion. I think you would be surprised at how many people just want to share their opinion. Give them a chance!

4) Tips – Your audience is connecting with you because you have something to offer them. Sometimes it is the association with your outstanding brand that cause people to “Like” you, but often times it is coupons, free-giveaways, and tips. We are information hungry consumers and we want short, clear answers. This is probable why you are reading this. A tip is engaging because it gives value to your audience and, therefore, makes them more likely to react.

5) Quotes – Quotes just might be the easiest and most popular way to get likes and shares on Facebook. Quotes are inspirational, and they tug on the heart of your audience. They often help to sum up the feelings of your audience member, so they share, like, and engage because they say what we are feeling better that we can.

These are a few of the powerful, yet simple, tips that help to build engagement online. So what would you add to my list? Is there anything your business has done to build engagement that has worked?

-Cole Spriggs (Director of Marketing)

Feel free to contact me or Kroma Marketing if you have any questions


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