Tips for Pinning Success

Have you been spending hours coming up with great pins from your website, only to have 1 or 2 repins? What makes something pinnable? Here are a few things to focus on for pinning success:

Image. You want the pin to be aesthetically pleasing (that’s a no brainer, right?).  Pins with a white background and clear image are easily identified with, and therefore repined more. Vertical images also work better, so consider cropping, or incorporating infographics.

Text. You want to make this aspect of the pin short and sweet. You should also use keywords that are searchable and descriptive of the pin. Remind the pinner to do something by suggesting a call to action.

Pin Seasonally. Plan ahead, and pin items based on the season. These pins get high-engagement, and often go viral.

Timing. Pinerly suggests that the best times to pin are between 2-4pm, and 8pm-1am during the week (especially Thursdays), and on Saturday mornings.

Try out these tips, and track your progress. Know which pins do well, and which don’t so you can always be improving your Pinterest strategy! What have you done for pinning success?

With help developing a successful Pinterest strategy, contact us!


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