Tantalizingly Tweetable Titles

Have you ever spent hours writing a seriously awesome blog post, shared it on all of your social networks, only to have a couple people actually click on it? I mean, how frustrating! Well, as it turns out, it might be the title of your post that is perhaps, not so great. We are experimenting with the idea of “Tweetable Titles.” It is basically exactly what it says, to have tweetable titles. The idea is to make blog titles something that readers would want to click on, and want to share with their followers, too.  While keywords are important, they are not always going to be catchy, and retweetable. Here are a few things to think about, when writing a “tweetable title.”

Ask yourself if you would click the link. Would the title of your blog compel you to click? Or even retweet? Sometimes, you have to write your blog titles more creatively rather than strategically to get the amount of traction you would like.

Will the title fit in a tweet? Remember that tweets can only be 140 characters. Subtract the characters of the actual bit.ly link, and the characters in your own twitter handle (in a retweet your twitter name will be present), and you are left with about 100 characters in which your blog post should fit. That can fill up very quickly!

Does it relate? Often times, when you tell people to get creative, they get so off-the-wall that the title doesn’t even relate to the post. A blog post about how to properly clean hardwoods should not have the title of “Get Rich Quick!!” Sure, you might get people to click the link, but then you have angry readers when they find out what it is really about.

What have you found that has worked when naming a blog post? Comment below.

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