How to Integrate your Online Presence, Offline

Many times, businesses focus their online marketing efforts solely online, and miss valuable opportunities to reach their customers offline. Sometimes, the integration between online marketing campaigns with brick and mortar locations can be the key to success. Here are four tips in connecting your online marketing efforts, offline.

Have a strong Call-To-Action on signage. Having a strong CTA on signage in your waiting room, near the cash register, on your fleet vehical, whatever…is a great way to let everyone know that you have a social media presence, and to find you! Let them know immediately what’s in it for them, and give them a reason to go and like you or follow you.

Offer something exclusive. Be sure to let your customers know that by liking your page or following you, they have something to gain. It doesn’t have to be a free giveaway every time (although those are always nice), it can be exclusive content, a sneak peak at a new product, interview with the CEO, or whatever you can think of that would be of value to your customers. If they know that they have something to gain from it, individuals will be more likely to opt in.

Include social mentions on receipts. Be sure to include your twitter handle and Facebook URL right on your receipts and packaging, if it is feasible. If all other in-store social reminders fail, a receipt or bag is something that goes home with the customer, and can serve as a reminder to hop online and get connected with you.

Be a walking billboard! You, the business owner, can literally be a walking advertisement for your brand. When you close a deal, meet a new customer, or get together with friends…mention your social networks! Encourage your staff to get involved as well. Include a QR code on your business card that links to your Facebook page. If you are a walking advocate for your online presence, others will take notice and get involved as well!

What are some other examples of in-store, or offline, engagement to support online efforts you have seen?

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3 thoughts on “How to Integrate your Online Presence, Offline

  1. I like all the suggestions here. I incorporate all of these with my clients. One other thing I think you can do to get more offline exposure for you online business is to get involved in community events. Make sure your brand is well seen at the event with t shirts and signs.

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