Is Instagram for Video the Next ‘Big Thing’ in Social Media?

Mobile is quickly becoming the main way we use social. No wonder the billion dollar Instagram acquisition by Facebook made headlines. The thing that Instagram got, that others didn’t, was the user experience and what people wanted out of a social picture sharing site. They weren’t the first ones to think of a site dedicated solely to photo sharing, believe it or not, but they were the best.

Is mobile video sharing the next big thing? It seems like the natural next step, and is a definite possibility. Have you noticed apps like Viddy and SocialCam bombarding your newsfeed? They are exploding in popularity and might just have enough attention and momentum to really take off. With celebrities like Sean Kingston and both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen using Viddy, and SocialCam users such as Lupe Fiasco, Floyd Mayweather, and Britney Spears, consumers and brands are really starting to take notice.

Since Instagram users are accustomed to capturing an image, editing and adding effects, and uploading a photo almost instantly, it is no surprise that uploading videos in the same manner is gaining popularity.

Do you think Instagram for video is the next big thing in social?

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