Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing


We get asked a lot about the benefits of both inbound and outbound marketing for lead generation. While they both have their advantages, we tend to lean more towards inbound marketing for long-term marketing efforts.  Let me first define what inbound and outbound marketing means. Inbound marketing is where marketers utilize search engines, blogs, and social media to pull people in that are already shopping in your industry. Outbound marketing is where marketers “push” their message out to the masses and hope someone bites. They do that through email blasts to purchased lists, radio & television advertising, cold calling, and more.  The problem with outbound marketing is that the average person is swamped with more than 2000 outbound marketing interruptions per day, so now they are figuring out clever ways to avoid them.

We advocate inbound marketing for a couple of reasons. First, inbound marketing is a lot more effective in that it targets the people that are already looking for you. How much more targeted can you get? Second, inbound marketing can be much more cost effective as opposed to outbound marketing. Let’s take search marketing, for instance. You only pay when people click on your link. There must be an action, in order for a cost to be incurred. With direct mail pieces, you still pay even if it goes straight to the trash without getting read. In essence, it’s much more results driven. Lastly, inbound marketing allows you the opportunity to turn one-way messages into real-time dialogue. It allows you to address concerns, answer questions, and graciously accept compliments.

There is a lot that inbound marketing has to offer, what are your thoughts?

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