Top 4 Most Annoying Social Media Habits

I used to think my co-worker “little brother” was the most annoying thing in my life, until I started paying attention to all of the annoying things people and companies do from my personal social media accounts. So here are the top 4 things that you can do…that can and will be super annoying to all involved.

1. Asking for Twitter RT’s. Please stop begging people for retweets, just stop. It will only make others tune you out, and you won’t gain any credibility doing it this way.

2. Linking Facebook & Twitter Accounts. First of all, if you are linking both accounts, chances are you are posting way too often. You should not post to Facebook more than twice per day, as to not fill up your friends/fans newsfeeds. Secondly, in twitter you use hashtags, in Facebook you do not. It is a giant pet peeve of mine when I see hashtags on Facebook. Lastly, Facebook posts to Twitter are typically longer than the 140 character limit, resulting in a link to the original post. Annoying! Just create separate posts that are made for each specific network.

3. Auto DM’s. Auto Dm’s are extremely impersonal, and pretty annoying. I didn’t follow you because I wanted to be sold something through a generic DM, I followed you because I wanted to hear information relevant to me. So don’t talk at me, talk to me.

4. #TeamFollowBack. Sure, this hashtag in your bio and tweets may get you followers quickly, but how valuable are they really? They will be short-lived, and probably have no real value to you, or them. And really, I don’t think that highly of the people that use that hashtag.

What are your biggest social media pet peeves?

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