Non-Profits on Social Media

For non-profits, social media can mean the life or death of a campaign. Here are a few tips, to turn a blah social media campaign into a great one.

Draw in outsiders. Appeal to people who have never heard of your non-profit. Share interesting facts and content about your organization to create a buzz.

Have some personality. Sharing interesting videos and images will differentiate you. Posts should be more than just advertising, too. It should seem as if there is a human behind there somewhere, because there is!

Use neat visuals. Great images reflecting your cause will show creativity and attract like-minded shares and mentions.

Show off your successes. If your organization does something great…toot your own horn! Scream from the mountaintops! Let it be known that you did something great and you want to talk about it.

Tell video stories. Videos can be a fresh way to tell your story, and in a new and interesting way. Don’t underestimate the power of video.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media. What creative ways has your organization used social media?

For help with your social media campaign, contact Kroma Marketing.


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