Social Media in the Fitness Industry

Generating new business, while maintaining existing clients, is tough and a critical part of being a personal trainer or managing a successful fitness center. Social Media can be the key that unlocks the potential for growth and conversation on the web for you.

Fitness professionals have the power to create discussions and conversation with fans and followers on social media. This is a sure way to build trust and get the word out about your services and what is going on at your gym. In an ever changing market with “quick fixes” via diets and workouts; having open communication with followers will allow you to educate them on what you know and to share your expertise. Having one conversation with someone on a social media outlet will allow all of your followers to see and experience the conversation. You can also reach people that might not know about you through those connections. Engaging in these conversations over an extended period of time will allow people to learn about your business and create a buzz around your existing brand for your company to generate growth.

Many fitness centers make mistakes of inactivity on their social media sites. Your page needs as much attention as your gym! Being engaged and up to date on what is going on with you and your business is a way to increase the number of people that will be participating in these conversations.

For killer social media campaigns…Kroma Marketing.

How have you benefited from social media?

What mistakes have you made or have you seen others make on their social media campaigns?


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