How to Use Social Media to Build your Chiropractic Practice

When trying to build a practice, many chiropractors are torn by the thought of building a large revenue practice or building relationships with existing and new patients. The main thing that drives most chiropractors is the monthly student loan check that flies out with the rest of the bills. To help build a practice, you can create a buzz with social media that will reign in new patients, keep patients informed and educated about your practice via blogs, videos, and other discussion boards, and maintain an open conversation with current patients when they have questions or when they refer a friend.

With the old word of mouth campaigns, the only people listening were the ones being talked to. Now that one person has 200+ people (on average) that are connected with them via Facebook and Twitter, word of mouth has the potential to reach thousands of people. Creating share-worthy material is going to be the key to any successful social media campaign. One way to engage fans is to post information on your services, and answer popular questions from patients. Chances are someone else out there has the same question, and posting it for everyone to see will position you as the expert. It will also add credibility to you as a doctor, and show how you connect with and care for your patients. Referrals are also a huge aspect of building a practice. With the right incentives, you would be amazed how many people will refer their friends, friends of friends, and family members. Same goes for social media. Offering some sort of incentive for referrals via social media can drive traffic towards your page, and ultimately new potential clients.

How are you using Social Media to build your practice? What has worked? What hasn’t? Share your thoughts below.

For more on how you can use social media for your private practice, contact Kroma Marketing.


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