How to get the Most out of your Social Networks


Oh how I love Facebook. You can do almost anything on Facebook, and that’s that beauty of it. Facebook has also been a mastermind  at rolling out new features that you don’t even realize you need yet. Take the timeline for instance, many were opposed and soon all will wonder how we got along without it. So take advantage of all Facebook has to offer and try to implement different features in to your social strategy.


I get that you probably tweet everyday, and find relevant things to retweet, but do you even know what Twitter really has to offer beyond your own feed? There are literally dozens of scheduled Twitter chats that take place every week. There is something for everyone, so get involved and engage in conversation!


Pinterest may seems like a never ending pin board of amazing recipes, nail art, and DIY anything, but it is also a great content hub and way to effortlessly gain traffic to your blog or website. You can post videos, photos, articles, and much more. Don’t under-utilize this platform, and get pinning!

What other social networks do you belong to? Tell us how you take advantage of your social networks!

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