How to Leverage your Customer Service through any Communication Channel

One of the most essential things for businesses to understand is the importance of good customer service. Have you ever had a truly terrible experience with a company, and vowed to never use their services again? It was probably due to poor customer service. Problems happen, they just do, and it’s how a company chooses to handle those problems that sets one apart from another.

Use the same communication channel.

It is always a good idea, to try and solve the problem through the same communication channel that the frustrated customer has contacted you through. In the day in age of texting, tweeting, and instant messaging; the idea of waiting to speak with a customer service representative while listening to bad classic rock music is nauseating. So, if someone comes to you via Facebook with a complaint or a problem that needs fixing, address it by commenting back or by personal message. Whatever you do, keep it consistent, your customers will thank you for it!

Reply in a timely manner.

Nothing is more frustrating than presenting your problem to the right people, then not getting a response quick enough. Or even a compliment going unnoticed. Even simply acknowledging you are finding a solution, can bring peace of mind to the customer. It lets them know you value them and are working on fixing the problem, even if you haven’t solved the issue yet. The best thing you can do is have open lines of communication with your customers, and show that you really do care about them!

Be friendly.

Dealing with a rude customer service representative, is right up there with getting a tooth pulled…painful and unpleasant. As a frustrated consumer, it would only make me more frustrated to speak with someone that is not completely empathetic with my situation. Be personable and helpful, your customers will appreciate it that much more. Especially when speaking through social media. It is nice to see the human aspect behind the message or tweet. The extra mile is what will keep your customers around for the long haul!
What customer service issues have you had to deal with, that you wish they had handled differently?

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