How To Effectively Manage Your Business On Yelp

For local businesses, Yelp is an essential tool and a necessity. Consumers make purchasing decisions based on reviews they read on Yelp everyday, so here are some tips on how to make your Yelp page relevant. Once you are signed up, you will have access to tools which will help to spread the word on what you have to offer the community.

Create a complete Yelp profile. Make sure to fill out your business information completely. Customers visit Yelp pages before physically going to the business, to learn more about what you have to offer. So, fill out as much information as you can, so potential customers are more likely to become reliable, paying customers.

Proactively respond to customer reviews. Yelp has provided a great resource on how to respond to public reviews. Yelp business owners have the ability to either privately or publically respond to reviews. Whether they be to apologize, correct misinformation, or to thank for their business, it is good to respond especially to the negative reviews.

Make offers and announcements. When you create a special or have an announcement about your business, it will be posted in the offer and announcement directory for your city. People who might not even know about your business will see it there. The more offers and announcements you make, the more chances you have to make your business known.

Display your Yelp badges. Business owners have the opportunity to embed Yelp badges on their website or blog. These badges show customers that you 1.) have a Yelp page, and 2.) have satisfied customers writing positive reviews on your business. It will create a link to your Yelp page where people can both read the positive reviews, and get more information on your business. Win:Win!

What are you waiting for, join the Yelp family and get Yelping!

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