Ways to Thank for a Twitter RT or Mention

It is very important to acknowledge a user that shares your content with their followers. They found what you posted important/relevant enough to put their stamp of approval on it by retweeting it to others. Below are some simple etiquette tips on how to recognize another user for sharing your content!

1. Follow Them

If you are not already following the user, give em’ a follow. If it appears to be a spam account, this is probably not your best option, but after reviewing their profile and they seem like a good follow, then do so.

2. Return the Favor

Go to the user’s profile and find relevant content for you to retweet yourself.

3. Mention the User

Ignite a discussion by responding to the post. “Some surprising facts there.” “Which side of that argument do you relate to?” These are just a few examples.

4. Direct Message

For a more personal discussion, send in a direct message so only you and that user can see it. This is less monotonous than a simple @reply thanks.

5. Group Mention

If you had many people retweet the same content, send out a group mention of all and thank them for sharing it with their followers.

Please reply with any other effective techniques you have found useful! And for all of your marketing needs, contact Kroma Marketing.


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