Facebook Timeline Made Mandatory for all Users

Get ready for a sandstorm of complaints blowing up your Facebook newsfeed in the next couple of weeks. Facebook has just announced that they are rolling out Timeline to all users; no exceptions. In late 2011, Facebook offered the option to update your profile to the Timeline layout, but now all users will be forced to upgrade in the coming weeks.

Everyone being forced through this change will have a seven day preview of what their new profile will look like and will have time to adjust to the changes before they are made permanent. This will also give users a chance to hide any posts, pictures, or updates that they do not want to surface again.

Hate it or love it, the change is happening whether you are ready for it or not. And like all other Facebook changes, we are sure it will only take time for the Facebook world to adapt to this transformation.

For all things marketing, or questions about the new Facebook Timeline, contact Kroma Marketing.


One thought on “Facebook Timeline Made Mandatory for all Users

  1. Why does everyone try to fix what isn’t broken! The new timeline looks confusing and I’m sure is going to get a major uproar from most users… of course that doesn’t matter to the powers that be now does it?

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