How Your Brand Can Use Pinterest

In recent months, Pinterest has grown incredibly in popularity. It was launched in December 2009, and is now finally gaining attention with small businesses and brands. Fashionistas, brides, artists, and DIYers have embraced the site to pin their favorite items, looks, venues, etc. Now the question is:  how can your brand utilize Pinterest?

For the Merchandiser:

  • Promote your products – Add a “Pin It” button to your product pages to make it easy for customers to share.
  • Pin items with prices – By pinning an item with a price attached, it allows users to view this item under the “gifts” tab and search by price.
  • Crowdsourced Photos – Ask customers to take pictures of them with your product and tag or #hashtag your company name.
  • Daily/Weekly offers – Create a board and post new sale items daily or weekly. This will encourage customers to follow and check in frequently.

For the Event Planner:

  • Portfolio – People scour social media sites to find creative ideas for their event; post before and after photos of events you have hosted and include links to your contact information.
  • Create event boards – Create different styles of event boards so the bride-to-be can follow your wedding board, the designer can follow your board of fashion shows, the fundraiser can follow your charity ball board, and the list goes on.
  • Invitations – Create an invitation image and “Pin It”; include event details as you would a normal invitation.

For Everyone

  • Think keywords – The search function can be heavily utilized by including major keywords for everything you pin.
  • Find fans – Find out who has pinned content from your website and what they have pinned. You can do this by typing in into your web browser.
  • Follow your followers – Spend some time figuring out what it is your followers are interested in and what they are passionate about.
  • Conduct a contest – Conduct a contest asking customers to pin photos either using your product or attending an event you hosted. The winner could be whoever gets the most repins or likes, who posts the most photos, or whatever you wanted.
  • Be seasonal – Pinterest allows you to have tons and tons of boards, so why not make the most of it. For example, a clothing line could create boards for different clothing of different seasons. An event planner could create a “Spring Wedding” board, etc.

So go on, get creative! Just be careful not to do too much self-promotion—as with any social networking site. So go ahead and get pinning!

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One thought on “How Your Brand Can Use Pinterest

  1. This are some great ideas. Being Pininterest capable allows the potential customer to take ownership of the brand. They beginning to be what the brand represent rather that a companies advertising or one-way communications. -ATP

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