Battle of the Spammers

A recent place to contract a virus is not at the doctor’s office or airplane…but now social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We know what your thinking…”you can’t catch the flu from a social network…” True. But your computer can. Now, more than ever, spammers are targeting Facebook and Twitter to spread some nasty computer viruses that spread like wildfire.

The most recent outbreak has been in correlation with the new Facebook timelines. Links will be seemingly posted by your Facebook friends telling you to click the link to go back to the old Facebook, then instead giving your computer a nasty virus.

Another common spam attack is called “like-jacking,” which will appear to be a link or image that another friend or user has liked in an attempt to get people to click on it. Once clicked, the user’s computer will be infected.

As the amount of spam in Facebook and Twitter increase everyday, it is important to be careful what links are clicked. Links promising user rewards are often (not always) spam, so be weary what you do and do not fall for.

Now that we’ve completely scared you…happy Facebooking!! 🙂

For all things social media…Kroma Marketing.


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