Top Stories from 2011 First Seen on #Twitter

Amanda Knox Trial: Positive attitudes over the trial were made public via Twitter almost immediately after the jury had announced their decision. For the millions following this trial, Twitter served as a news outlet and a place to express personal opinions on the case.  All that tuned in to watch surely had an opinion to share on the case.

The death of Steve Jobs spread like wildfire through Twitter, with users calling themselves iSad. The world lost an innovator that day, and the Twitter world showed their support in the best way they knew how.

Osama Bin Laden’s death sparked over 5,000 tweets per second as soon as the news was broken. The news of his death took precedence over all other Twitter happenings and was a place for people to share their relief and happiness.

The Casey Anthony trial was another trial that ignited much controversy. Of course, that translated over to Twitter. People were outraged with the verdict and trending topics arose about Casey and Caylee Anthony.

There seems to be a trend with court cases going global on Twitter; the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray and his conviction became widely publicized. Only moments after the verdict was read, the Twitter world blew up with the news coverage and reactions.

You could practically get a play by play of the Royal Wedding in the Twitterverse as it was happening.  You knew what all the fashions were, who was in attendance, and every move made by Kate before ever laying eyes on the coverage. In fact, some people may not have even known there was a royal wedding, had it not been for Twitter. 🙂

The Tornados in the South and Joplin got a lot of attention and warm thoughts from the world of Twitter. People sending prayers and good thoughts through the Twitterverse brought people together in support of those in the middle of the devastation.

What other stories did you hear first on Twitter? Comment below! And for all things marketing, contact Kroma Marketing.


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