Have you been one of the lucky accounts to see the new version of twitter? Some are resisting the change and others are embracing it. Love it or hate it, there are some pretty cool new key changes to speak of. The main three are the introduction of brand pages, new layout, and the neatest one yet, embedded tweets.

Twitter has jumped on the bandwagon by offering up brand pages, following in Facebook and Google+’s footsteps. The most distinctive impact of offering brand pages is the banner that stretches across the top of the brand’s profile (which is similar to Facebook and Google+). Another new feature for brands is the ability to pin a tweet to the top of the page.  This will be particularly effective for tweets with pictures or videos, which will add another engaging element to the page.

The new layout/design of twitter is also a great upgrade from the older twitter. The usability of the new unified design is not the only cool thing about it. The discovery button allows easier browsing of trending topics and why they are trending. The iPhone and Android have both jumped onboard and developed new apps to keep up.

Finally, an embedded tweet is an interactive update by Twitter. You no longer have to screenshot tweets; the new Twitter allows you to embed tweets nearly anywhere.  With embedded tweets, you can actually reply, retweet, favorite a tweet, and follow right from the site the user is at.

Ultimately, the new Twitter is a lot easier to use. What are your thoughts on the upgrade?

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